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       Press_EdibleRhodyEdible Rhody – Summer 2008  writer- Leslie Banker
   “We joined the long line of people in front of the table where Pat and Tom Doyle were selling scones, and scone mix to bring home. Fortunately the line moved at a good pace, though it never let up all morning. We went for the lemon scones; one taste and I could see what all the fuss was about.”


Link to full article: edible RHODY

Press_House-Beautiful   House Beautiful  – August 1995
   “At nine o’clock the ringing of a little hand bell signals the opening of the Block Island farmers’ market. But long before that, cottagers (summer people), islanders (year-rounders), and vacationers start to line up in front of Pat and Tom Doyle’s baked goods stall. Within half an hour of opening, the 300 scones Pat baked at dawn are gone.”



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